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Here we discuss a variety of topical issues that relate to or support the work of The Society for Advancement.  These are to be used as a resource for our activities as well as to encourage our audience to explore issues further.



Australia is a nation of migrants. Before the days of settlement Australia already had the reputation of being a ‘land of great opportunity.’ First owners had a connection with the land that was recognised and highly respected by early explorers. It was inevitable however, that untapped resources and Australia’s vast ‘available’ land masses would one day become attractive to nations seeking to expand their influence in the world. During a time when much of Europe was distracted, the British set sail with the intention of claiming territories for themselves. Many followed them, making Australia the successful multicultural, multi-faith nation she is today.


A Migration Timeline

History: Colonial attitudes towards  ‘migrants’ in the earlier years of settlement in Australia

History: Refugees in Australia

History: Slavery in Australia

History: The problem of Homelessness

Politics: Government response to Refugees

Politics: Government response to Slavery

Politics: Government response to Homelessness


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Under Construction

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