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Enticed and Ensnared



Slavery is a huge problem today and it takes many forms:  

  • Human Trafficking

    Trafficking involves recruiting people by force or fraud or deception in order to exploit them for profit.  It can also include transportating and accommodating them.


  • Forced Labour 

    Usually targetting vulnerable people and forcing them to work under threat of punishment. 


  • Bonded Labour

    Similar to Forced Labour.  People isolated from those who would protect them, through deception or relocation and trapped into work environments by fear of violence.


  • Child Slavery

    Children trapped via work exploitation or forced marriages. The sex industry, armed forces and slave factories are just some of the areas that exploit children. 


  • Child Marriage 

    There has been a significant rise in the number of forced marriage in recent years. 


  • Descent Slavery

    This involves those born to slaves or born to into the family of slaves that have been owned by slave-owning families


  • Domestic Slavery 

    Trapped in private work environments for little or no pay that is sometimes offered in exchange for accomodation and food.  Not permitted to contact family or  ro leave the home.  ID documents often held. 


  • Supply Chain Slavery 

    It is believed that almost 30 million people are trapped in factories all over the world producing cheap products for consumers.  Slaves can be found at every stage of the production, from the growing of crops, to the making of fabrics, to packing and distribution and creation.

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