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Queen Mary I

Eighth Stuart Monarch: 1542 - 1567

Mary was also known by the names  Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Stuart.  She grew up in France where she married Frances, the young prince in Notre Dame Cathedral.  He died two years later.  She returned to Scotland in 1561 and married her cousin Henry Stuart, four years later. They had equal claims to both the Scottish and English thrones.  They were married for three years when their home exploded and Henry was found dead. 

One month later Mary married James Hepburn, fuelling rumours that he had murdered Henry. The marriage infuriated the people and Mary, as a consequence was imprisoned and forced to abdicate in favour of her young son James.

She fled to her English cousin, Elizabeth I but was treated with caution. In 1586 she was accused of plotting against the Queen and in 1587 she was beheaded.

Queen Mary I
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