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King Robert III of Scotland

Second. Stuart Monarch

Robert was fifty three when he succeeded to the throne in 1390.  Whilst heir apparent he was known as John Stewart, Earl of Carrick and served as the Eighth High Steward of Scotland. As such, he managed the affairs of the royal household from 1384 to 1388,  during his father’s reign

In 1388 he was disabled by a horse kick and soon after his brother Robert, earl of Fife, was made guardian of the kingdom in 1389.  As heir apparent however, he John succeeded to the throne in upon the death of his father in 1390.  He changed his name and ruled as King Robert III.

Robert III’s reign was characterised by his closeness to the Gaelic heart of Scotland, something which infuriated the Clans that were loyal to the English. He managed to stave off attempts to remove him from the throne long enough to establish his offspring’s claim to the throne before being deposed.

King Robert III of Scotland
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