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Who are the Vulnerable? - a list:

They are the ones who are unable to defend themselves, those without a voice, those who, with varying degrees of powerlessness, are easy prey for a multitude of reasons.

They have many names and faces:

They are children growing and developing in dangerous, neglectful environments.

They are elderly, men and women who, after a lifetime of raising families and work, find themselves frail and alone.

They are teenagers ill equipped to navigate and deal with the environments they find themselves in.

They are single mums without support, struggling to pay bills and put food on the table.

They are single fathers sleeping in cars with their children.

They are male, female, young and old, trapped in violent homes.

They are male, female, young and old, trapped in addiction.

They are male, female, young and old, trapped in slavery.

They are people who became lost in our fast moving world that sleep on our streets.

They are the ostracised, victims of racial hatred and deliberate isolation, in need of a place to belong.

They are the displaced, men, women and children forced to flee communities that despise them for their ethnicity and persecute them for being alive.

They are the poor, victims of greed and extreme poverty inducing circumstances, who lack food, shelter, work and power.

They are refugees, victims of war, forced to flee homelands when homes and livelihoods were destroyed in cities and regions devastated by bombs.

They are the persecuted. Young and old, men and women, boys and girls who are targetted for the sins of previous generations. The offspring of protestors, rights defenders and others who fell foul of harsh regimes. They are denied the right to prosper and live safely.

They are the silenced. men, women and children forced to flee societies that deny them an opinion, choices, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to enquire and learn.

They are women denied the right to laugh, sing, dance or walk alone in public in nations that have downgraded their worth.

They are outsiders, ones persecuted for their gender and sexuality.

They are young and old, black and white, male and female, religious and non-religious.

The Society for Advancement has a heart for the vulnerable and a heart to seek out and promote solutions. #Refugee #Enslaved #Slavery #Homeless #Children #Silenced #Persecuted #Women #War #Poverty #displaced #addiction #violence #Elderly #SingleMums #SingleDads #Teenagers #gender

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