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Education Heals, it creates a place for Peace

Mary Maker is a passionate Educator. She is a powerhouse, a fantastic communicator and relentless advocate for her favourite topic - Education.

Education Heals, it creates a place for Peace

As a child of war Mary walked the long walk to freedom, arriving at a refugee camp with her pregnant mother and sibling with feet torn and blistered.

Here, for the first time, she heard no gunshots.

She was fortunate, her father and other benefactors saw value in paying for her education. Her path was not smooth but she has emerged as a teacher of children of war with a message to the world.

Education heals, it creates a place for peace. It creates an equal place for all, especially for girls. It gives those forced to flee their homeland the hope that they can one day return and rebuild it.

She believes that education is not only about the syllabus, it is about friendship, about discovering talents and discovering destiny.

She sees her classroom as a laboratory that not only generate heals and knowledge but also understanding and hope.

Please be inspired and watch Mary's 2018 TED talk here.

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