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2021: A Refugee's plea: "Australia, We want our lives back. We beg you."

"We are in detention for 8 years, they have moved us from one detention place to another.

We are so tired of being in jail for a long time.

They have tried to kill our emotions.

For a long time we couldn't know freedom.

But the protesters outside our detention hotel know that we can see the freedom from behind our bars, windows and fences.

We have done no crimes.

Our only big mistake was seeking asylum.

We miss our families, friends and supporters.

Some of us died, some went crazy.

Some family members died but we couldn’t say goodbye.

You can imagine how hard and frustrating it is to be in lockdown for years.

By keeping us in detention will all of Australians’ problems be solved?

We don't think so. It's not the solution.

Australia has it owns issues to be solved. We are not the only problems for Australia.

We are not even the problem. We are political pawns for government policy.

By giving us our freedom they can give us our life back. It's an easy solution.

Seeking for safety to another country it's not a crime.

Everyone knows that even if it was a crime we already paid for that with 8 years of our life.

In these 8 years we feel older by 30 years.

We lost our golden years to develop our careers and our life, to hold someone’s hand, to hug them.

Sometimes we feel we lost our youth, our hopes, our dreams, we are like old men.

We are begging the Australian people, Ministers, Home affairs and ABF please hear and see us , let us live again like every human on the earth. We are innocent.

We shouldn't forget humanity, we should love each other, because we need each other, we need to protect each other.

With love we can make a better world and better country.

How can we care and protect animals but forget about human beings?

We want our life back. We beg you. It’s not too late.

The Persian poet Saadi wrote:

All human beings are in truth, like body parts, akin; all in creation share one origin.

When fate allots a member suffering and pains, no ease for other members then remains.

Unperturbed by others' grief, you are not worthy to be called human.

Kasra Mirabi


Kasra was detained in Manus Island, then Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea for six years.

He was transferred to Australia for urgent medical care and has been detained here for almost two years.

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