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A simple resource section showcasing Fee Free Online Courses

available for those who are unable to attend traditional places of learning.


All COURSES are FREE The Academy offers hundreds of  courses for all ages, from Kindergarten to Adult.  Mathematics, Science, Economics and Life Skills.


Access a huge range of important contemporary skills for FREE and Paid educational programs, some with Certificates. 


FREE - for all on OpenLearn. Signing-up will give you access to your personal learning profile and a record of achievements earned while studying


The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is an amazing organisation with a stated mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. 

They consider Education to be a human right and operate as a non profit organisation, supported by donations instead of adverts and subscriptions. 

The Academy offers hundreds of courses for all ages - , from Kindergarten to to Adult. 

Topics include:

 Mathematics, Science, Economics and Life Skills.  



  • Financial Literacy

  • AI for Education

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Personal Finance 

  • Art History 

  • The World History Project 

  • and many more


  • Biodiversity

  • Music

  • NASA

  • Natural History

  • NOVA Labs

  • Philosophy



Free courses are educational programs that are available online at no cost. These courses cover a wide range of subjects and are typically offered by universities, educational institutions, or online learning platforms. Free courses provide an opportunity for individuals to acquire new knowledge and skills without the need to pay for tuition or course materials. 

Some of the skills you can learn include programming languages like Python, Java, and C++, data analysis and visualization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, graphic design, digital marketing, photography, finance and accounting, business and entrepreneurship, project management, and many more. 

A Sample of available Fee Free courses  between One  day and Three Months 


Open Learn

Anyone can learn for FREE on OpenLearn, but signing-up will give you access to your personal learning profile and record of achievements that you earn while you study. 

Topic Headings for Fee Free courses  

Money & Business
Education & Development
  • Approaches to software development

  • Art and visual culture: medieval to modern

  • Looking globally: the future of education

  • Becoming an ethical researcher

  • English: skills for learning

  • Climate justice for the next generation

  • Conversations and interviews

  • Democracy? You think you know?

  • Discovering chemistry

  • Exploring sport coaching and psychology

  • Galaxies, stars and planets

  • Infection and immunity

  • Introducing the philosophy of religion

  • Introduction to ecosystems

Up to 200 FREE courses available in the Education & Development Category

Health, Sports & Psychology
  • The Ancient Olympics: bridging past and present

  • The athlete’s journey: transitions through sport

  • Biological, psychological and social complexities in childhood development

  • Challenging ideas in mental health

  • Design thinking

  • Exploring sport coaching and psychology

  • Forensic psychology

  • An introduction to design engineering

  • Living psychology: animal minds

  • Marketing in the 21st Century

  • Preparing for your digital life in the 21st Century

  • Social psychology and politics

Up to 200 FREE courses available in the Health, Sports & Psychology Category

History & The Arts
  • Art and life in ancient Egypt

  • The business of film

  • Creative writing and critical reading

  • An education in Religion and Worldviews

  • Exploring books for children: words and pictures

  • The First World War: trauma and memory

  • Health and wellbeing in the ancient world

  • How do empires work?

  • Historical perspectives on race

  • Speeches and speech-making

  • Wilberforce

​​Up to 100 FREE courses available in the History & The Arts Category

  • Beginners’ French: food and drink

  • Advanced French: At the science museum in Paris

  • Beginners’ German: Places and people

  • Beginners’ Chinese: a taster course

  • Beginners’ Italian: food and drink

  • Beginners’ Spanish: Getting around

  • Beginners’ Tamil: a taster course

  • A brief history of communication: hieroglyphics to emojis

  • English: skills for learning

  • Translation as a career

  • Introduction to Ukrainian language and culture

  • Why study languages?

Up to 100 FREE courses available in the Languages Category

Science, Maths & Technology
  • Aquatic mammals

  • Babylonian mathematics

  • Ethics in science?

  • Exploring anxiety

  • Forensic science and fingerprints

  • The frozen planet

  • Introduction to ecosystems

  • The Moon

  • Mosquito resistance to insecticides

  • The science of nuclear energy

  • Studying mammals: Life in the trees

  • What do genes do?

Up to 100 FREE courses available in the Science, Maths & Technology Category

Nature & Environment
  • Biofuels

  • Changing cities

  • Could we control our climate?

  • Eating for the environment

  • Environment: understanding atmospheric and ocean flows

  • Exploring philosophy: faking nature

  • Living without oil

  • The oceans

  • Sustainable Scotland

  • ‘Land grab’: an environmental issue?

  • Up to 100 FREE courses available in the Nature & Environment Category

Digital & Computing
  • Digital communications

  • Digital forensics

  • Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world

  • Information security

  • Learn to code for data analysis

  • Simple coding

  • Visualisation: visual representations of data and information

  • Up to 50 FREE courses available in the Digital and Computing Category

Society, Politics & Law
  • China and the USA: cooperation or conflict?

  • Crimes of the powerful

  • Climate change: island life in a volatile world

  • Does prison work?

  • Exploring economics: the secret life of t-shirts

  • Health, disease and society: Scottish influence in the 19th century

  • Human rights and law

  • Introducing global development

  • An introduction to social work law

  • Modern slavery

  • Myths in law

  • Pro bono work and social justice

  • The social nature of being human

  • Wildfires: environmental and social entanglements

Up to 100 FREE courses available in the Nature & Environment Category

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