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In this stirring and eye-opening talk, Rex Hohlbein shows how we can take our own small and meaningful steps to end homelessness and admit and respond to the inequality in our midst. If you can say "Hello" and have willingness to see people, you can take a step that can help address homelessness. Rex Hohlbein is the Executive Director of the nonprofit “Facing Homelessness” and is an Architect/Principal at Rex Hohlbein Architects in Seattle. In 2011 he began the Facebook Community page “Homeless In Seattle” as a photo journal project to build community awareness for those living without shelter and other basic needs. Through the sharing of photos and personal stories, he highlights the unique beauty of each person, asking the viewer to break through the negative stereotype against those living on our streets and open their compassion to create a new connection of friendship. By focusing on the beauty of each person through imagery, storytelling, and community building, he aims to humanize the issue of homelessness as a means to ending it.

Rex Hohlbein  2014

(TED Talk)

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