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Spending a few minutes with this homeless person I instantly noticed that this person was just like everyone else, Alone, Hungry, Begging to be a part of today’s society. The ONLY difference was that he was homeless and I was not. This immediately stuck a chord in me as I was not able to comprehend why this person was being subjected to being treated less of a human being? Because he is homeless? Because he does not appeal to the masses? Or could it be because this person wants to live just like everyone else and is asking for help?

I gave the homeless person some money and said, good luck to you mate. On my way home I was researching the homeless situation in N.S.W. There are various sites detailing the statistics of registered homeless people by state which is very hard to keep track of usually due to some people that are on the streets which are not even registered as being homeless. The week after I took my camera and decided to interview the homeless which was in July of 2014. I interviewed a bunch of homeless people from all walks of life and various age groups. The main aim was to show the world that these people are identical to you and me regardless if they live on the streets. I have released this interview last year with mixed results which was mainly due to my inexperience in directing and interviewing people on camera. This is why I have returned to make a feature length documentary which I set out to do a year ago for you all to see and experience firsthand. On the 9th of

August 2015 I posted a charity walk event on Facebook simply named “Street Life – Helping the Homeless fight another day” and invited as many people as I could to assist me with this cause.

Rudimental 2015 

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